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Welcome to The Exclusive Slack group Designed Specifically For Network Marketers

Welcome to our Network Marketer Slack Group. Thank you so much for visiting our site. The good news is you are one of the first people in the world to hear about our brand new Slack Group for Network Marketers. We intend to make this the world’s largest community for people interested in network marketing AND you can be part of it.

I’ve always imagined a place where people understand me. Just like you, I’m sure you’ve had that conversation with your spouse or significant other and they just didn’t get it. Right? Or maybe your friends are just not as interested as much you. We’ve created a place where serious people can talk, congregate, share, compare and simply commune over network marketing tactics and strategies.

Right now we’re conducting a world-wide search for Charter Members to become part of this exclusive community. As a Charter Member you’ll be locked in at a simple price of $10. No matter what the price does in the future you’ll only pay $10 a month and that’s it.

You’re probably wondering why $10. Especially since there are probably dozens of free Facebook groups. And that is exactly my point. Because they are free anyone can join. You’ve probably seen plenty of people arguing, posting off topic messages and generally people who just don’t belong.

The $10 is simply a qualifier. To ensure the people are who are part of our community are serious and respect others. I’m sure you can agree, this is a simple and fair way to ensure everyone has the best experience possible.


It's A Positive Place Open 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days Week, Where Other People, Just Like You, Can Go To Network and Get Answers

The problem network marketers have always had, since the beginning of the Internet, is there's been no one place to congregate with other like minded people. That is until now.

This Network Marketer Slack Group was created to be a place to socially connect, network, ask questions and get answers. A place created by network marketers and for network marketers

Slack Is Much More Than Simply a Corporate Communication Device

What If We Could Use Slack's Amazing Technology Not Only As A Communicator, But A Networker, A Training Device And A Social Media Device All Wrapped Up In One Simple Package!

It's being able to see not what it is, but being able to see what it could be if used in the proper context. That's what got me excited about creating this community.

Let's face it, it's hard finding other people who like network marketing a much as you do. Imagine... being able to connect and communicate with potentially hundreds or even thousand of hard core network marketers from around the world.


It's a Community That's Available On Every Device You Have

Whether You're On Your Desktop, Tablet or Mobile, It Doesn't Matter Mac or Windows, Our Community Adapts To You


Unlike other message boards, forums or even Facebook groups, our system is always on and portable enough to always be with you no matter where you are.

Desktop, tablet and mobile are all available and ready for you. Whether you're on a Mac or a PC, Slack's apps are already there for you to participate in our amazing group.

Our Channels Make Sure You Are Talking To The Right People

We've Created Specific Channels To Cover Every Aspect of Network Marketing From Compensation Plan To Ways to Inspire Your Team. We Have You Covered.

Why include everyone in the conversation. Why would put yourself through listening to someone brag about their favorite Network Marketer when you hate the guy. With our channels you don't have to.

The way channels work is that you join only the channels that interest you. If you are not interested in that subject then don't join. The choice is entirely up to you.


Here's Just a Few of The Customized Channels We Have

  • Compensation Plans

    This Channel is open to the open discussion of which type of payment system may work best for individuals. 

    Compensating Network Marketers is complicated work. Most companies design their compensation plan around something tried and true. The three most common compensation plan types in the MLM industry are uni-level, binary, and breakaway. Each has its's Pros and Cons. 

  • Dealing With Objections

    This Channel is dedicated to sharing proven ways to be persuasive. 

    Objections are always an unpleasant side of network marketing. You’ll hear some common ones and a few new ones that will have you shaking your head in confusion. But if you can diffuse a potential customer’s, client’s, or business partner’s objections, you’re that one step closer to closing the deal. 

  • Doing Network Marketing Part-Time vs Full-Time

    This Channel is about the differences between doing your Network Marketing business part-time and full-time.

    One of the most common mistakes in our industry is people going full-time in their network marketing business WAY to soon. This business is really designed to do part-time for a few years BEFORE you go full-time.

  • Lead Generation

    This channel will explore various ways to find prospects who will be receptive to your opportunity.

    It's been said that many Network Marketers are members of the "NFL" - No Friends Left! Instead of "writing down the first 100 names that come to your mind" or call everyone in your cell phone's contact list, here successful Network Marketers share their approach to generating an endless stream of leads.

  • Leading Questions

    This Channel is designed as a place to discuss how to best discover the prospect's pain or problem and how to present the solution you have to offer.

    Most prospects don't realize they have a problem until the right questions are asked. However when you ask questions and their answer reveals a "problem or pain", they will be more open to "hearing" your solution. The key is to know what you are looking for and then develop questions that will uncover if that "pain" is really there (and if it isn't, move on to the next call).

  • Magic Words To Disarm Negative Prospects

    Contributors to this Channel share their Magic Words and why they feel they work.

    Researchers found all decisions are made, within 7 seconds, by the subconscious mind. Therefore successful network marketing is not a result of what you say. Rather, it's more a result of the magical sequence of words you immediately use to present yourself and our product or service. Knowing the correct sequence of words to use when talking with a negative prospect or potential customer is a skill that you must master if you ever hope have network marketing success. 

  • Persuasion - Science or Art

    This Channel is an open discussion on which approach works best in Networking Marketing or is there a "Best Approach" at all?

    As a Network Marketer you may know how to sell. However, you were probably never taught how to persuade. Is good persuasion a practiced art a carefully orchestrated dance between you and the person you are persuading? Or is it a series of hidden psychological rules for moving people in your direction? 

  • Scripts For Every Occasion

    This Channel is a repository for scripts that community members have found to work for them.

    To have success in network marketing, you have to have something that is easily done by a lot of people on your team. You want them to duplicate your efforts.  You need to develop their skills to start talking to prospects, not develop their skills to find and generate leads. Focus on the activities that make you and them money and that's talking to prospects. Anything else is considered busy work; it will not pay the bills. If anything, it will cost a lot of extra time and wasted effort. Most importantly, it's not duplicatable. Scripts are duplicatable!

    Scripts are a very important way to teach your people what to say. Practicing this script is just as important because the last thing you ever want is to appear as if you're reading something or mispronouncing certain words because you've never read them before. With practice, the words will be very natural and you will be able to communicate with a prospect without ever having to read your script.

  • Skills to Master To Break The MLM Bank

    In this Channel contributors share their wisdom on the skills they feel are essential to Network Marketing.

    The best of the best in every occupation are the people who strive for excellence at the little things. If you want to build a successful Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) business—one that continues to grow over time—then you would be wise to master the little things shared in this Channel. 

  • The Invitation

    This Channel is a place to share the process, and messages that work for you as you introduce your Opportunity, Product or Service.

    Standing in the middle of a shopping mall handing out roses and asking folks if they'd marry you is not an effective way to find a spouse.  The same is true with network marketing. Asking everyone you meet if they'd like to see your promotional video or purchase you product is not effective - unless you want to become a member of the NFL - No Friends Left. A well thought out process to introduce your Opportunity, Product or Service is essential to success in Network Marketing. 

  • Ways To Inspire Your Network Marketing Downline

    This Channel is a discussion of the definition of Network Marketing - "How to get a large group of people to consistently do a few simple things over an extended period of time".

    You can't motivate your team. You can only Inspire them.  Empower them by teaching how to INSPIRE others. You inspire by your actions. Not your words. 

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