About Us

Since first becoming Network Marketers in the mid 1990s, my wife and I have always imagined a place where people understood us and our entrepreneurship.

We're sure, at some point, you’ve had that conversation with your spouse or significant other and they just didn’t get it. Right? Or maybe your friends are just not interested as much you. Well, now we’ve created a place where serious people can talk, congregate, share, compare and simply commune about network marketing.

The Network Marketer Slack Group was designed to be a place for all Network Marketers  regardless of company or downline affiliation. We're available to you on every platform, PC, MAC, Tablet, Android or iPhone, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

As our membership grows, the more valuable our platform becomes and the greater networking experience you'll have. We're always growing and always paying attention to what you want and need.

Thank you for becoming a member. Enjoy.